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All of my books will be featured on this blog.  They are all available on as well as other major online booksellers.  You may be able to find A Few Degrees from Hell in your local bookstore (but you might want to call first!).  Please read the overviews of the books (in the ‘A Little Bit about Scott’s Books' section) and see what strikes your fancy (I’m dating myself right about now, aren’t I?). 

Or…OR you can order any (or all) of them directly from me.  If you buy them directly from me they will be the exact retail price (they vary)…BUT postage and handling would be included and there would not be any tax, so it might be your better option.  Plus, I’d be glad to sign them (maybe not a major selling point) with a personal message or a scripted message provided by you. 

To order them directly from me, send me an Email at:

Additionally any other writing projects I’m involved in will be mentioned on my blog.  I will welcome your comments along the way.  Who knows, maybe your suggestion will be included in a future book (I promise to give you credit!).

Titles and Prices:

  • Running through My Mind - $27.95
  • A Passion for Running - $21.95
  • A Few Degrees from Hell - $16.95
  • In It for the Long Run - $30.95
  • Distance Memories - $16.95
  • BUY THE BOOK! - $28.95

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